One Year, Countless Dogs, Priceless Entertainment

It was about a year ago that I went on a hike with a handler from the Canine Valley Re-Education & Adventure Centre  to snap some photos for their website. That led to a bi-weekly dog hiking session of my own, armed only with some minor hiking essentials, and an iPhone for a camera, and of course a pack of dogs.

One year later, and an estimated 60,000 metres in total elevation climbed, 1,500 kms combined travel distance, countless dogs exercised and trained, many lessons learned, and practically every weather combination you can imagine, and it's still an adventure every time I set foot in the hills with the pack of dogs for the day. 

Here is a gallery of some of the shots I've taken over the year.


Welcome Aris to the Canine Valley home!

Canine Valley handler, Miriam T, welcomed a new little guy into the family. His name is Aris and he's a Belgain Groenendael. He'll be around the Centre all summer, so I imagine there will be plenty of photos of him to come!

Tantalus Range - Beers, Birthdays & Bacon!

Klemen celebrating the good life!

My friend, Klemen Mali, an adventurer,  accomplished climber and mountain guide with Climb The Peaks turned 40 this year! And holding true to his adventurous spirit, he decided to host his party in the Tantalus Range with the Jim Haberal Hut as our accommodation and a helicopter for transportation. No 40th birthday party would be complete without a Keg of beer and all the meat you can eat including Bacon with every meal! The weekend started with a bit of uncertainty whether we would be able to land the helicopters or not, but the weather changed and we even managed to get a climb of Mt. Dione in. Can't wait to return to this place!


Canine Valley Re-education and Adventure Centre

Canine Valley

Recently I have had the chance to work with an amazing organization here in Squamish. CVRAC is a non-profit organization who rescues dogs from different backgrounds. Some have been abused, neglected, poorly socialized, have been in traumatic events, or have never been properly trained. CVRAC has 5-6 rescue dogs at any one time living at the Centre, and are dedicated to the re-education of these dogs as well as other dogs in the community who also have behavioural problems The CVRAC centre provides activities, equipment and education necessary to balance people and their dogs. Over the past few months I have spent many days with my camera shooting the various activities, the handlers and the dogs, and have been spending some time taking some of the dogs on hikes up in the mountains. This experience has been so rewarding and I'm so grateful to be a part of such a great team with such amazing people who love what they do! Here are some of my fave shots. Please be sure to check out the Canine Valley Facebook page or for more about them!


Bikram Yoga - Sea To Sky


I started a project earlier this year with Bikram Yoga - Sea To Sky.  This is my local Bikram Studio here in Squamish. I have been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2006 and it's been a bit of a Love-Hate relationship for me up until this last year, now I just love! I was finally able to 'slow down' in life and this has definitely improved my relationship with Bikrams!

When studio owner, Jena Steele, mentioned that she wanted to update her website photos, I jumped at the chance to help out. You see, I love photography and I love Bikram Yoga so what fun would that be!?  And fun we had!  We set aside a few days and had students of the studio as our models. A vision Jena had for awhile now.

We had the students in front of a black back drop and ran through each posture. This proved to be a little bit tricky for a number of reasons. First, the lighting was continually being moved to accommodate the awkward and varying positions of the postures thus making it tricky to light in limited time. The students were also now attempting the same poses they do on a stable surface, only now they had the slippery paper back drop to contend with and for the majority of the poses had no mirror to look in, and in case you do not know, that makes a lot of these poses that much trickier!  In spite of all this, we did come away with some great photos!

The second part to this project was a bit more relaxed.  It involved me taking my camera and lenses into the hot room during class to get more candid and artistic shots.  This too had it's challenges. Lenses fogging up, a few students requesting they not be in the shot (fair enough), but mostly just trying to be a fly on the wall so as not to disturb everyone while they were going deeper into their postures.  Believe me, I REALLY wanted to shoot at 10 frames per second, but the machine-gun like sound was a bit too much for this scenario. This was still my favorite part and I was really excited with some of the shots I came away with.

I have completed the project and wanted to share some of my favorites photos from the bunch. What I'm really excited about is the book I published.  Here it is:

I really enjoyed this project and learned a lot! I'm really happy with the resulting photos, but I already have ideas on how I would do this again! I hope you enjoy the photos and remember, these are all just ordinary people, like you or me, who have fallen in love with this Yoga, so perhaps they will inspire you to try out Bikram Yoga at a studio near you!